Are you in need of some Legal representation with your immigration case in Canada?

Don’t fret. Our legal team of highly experienced lawyers is ready to take on any Legal Advice case in Canada. In fact, with years of legal experience behind us, we take pride in our professional knowledge and our ability to assist all types of clients.  

We adopt a client specific approach as no one size fits all, we ensure that your immigration process is as seamless as it can be, and we will strive to get you through without leaving you out of pocket. Our immigration representation practice include:

Family Immigration
  • Spousal and common-law partner sponsorships

  • Parents, grandparents and other family class sponsorships

Federal Express Entry & Economic Class Applications
  • Federal skilled worker program

  • Federal skilled trades program

  • Canadian experience class

  • Start-ups and self-employed

  • Provincial nominee program (“pnp”) Humanitarian and compassionate applications Permanent residents specifics applications

  • PR card applications
    advising on the “residency obligation”

  • Permanent resident travel document (“prtd”) applications

  • Applications to voluntarily renounce permanent resident status Temporary residence applications

  • Visiting Canada

  • Visitor extension applications

    visa (“trv”) and eta applications

  • Temporary residence permit (“trp”) applications Working in Canada

  • Provincial nominee program (“pnp”)

  • Temporary foreign worker program (“tfwp”) and international mobility program (“imp”)

  • Work permits

  • Work permit-exempt situations

  • Labour market impact assessments (lmias)

  • Employer compliance program

Studying in Canada
  • Study permits
  • Extenssion of study permits
  • Other immigration applications
  • Criminal inadmissibility, including applications for “rehabilitation”, “deemed rehabilitation” confirmation and temporary residence permit (“trps”)
  • Medical inadmissibility
  • Access to information requests
Citizenship applications
  • Applications for grants of canadian citizenship

  • Applications for proof of canadian citizenship

  • Advising on “lost canadian” situations Immigration Appeals

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